I started 30 days with Rowan, because my purpose, passion and power in life is in helping people to create a better life.

Not everybody can afford to hire a good coach which means a lot of people are unable to have access to the expert guidance and support they so badly need to lose weight. Especially those who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully for so many years and need the help of a coach that specialises in working with 'TOUGH CLIENTS'.

If you look good, you feel good which gives you the confidence to work on other areas in your life like career, finances, relationship and life goals. My coaching changes peoples entire lives, by starting with changing the way they feel when they look in the mirror. How would losing weight change other areas in your life? Is your weight holding you back in these areas? Yes? If so when will you TAKE ACTION? This is more than just weight loss, yes?

For those that would like to join my Inner circle and work with me for 6 months to a year, this programme allows me to assess your level of commitment to changing your life. By filtering out those not ready for change I both save people from wasting money and maintain my position as one of the best results based coaches in the industry.

1. Hit the register button below to Join 30 Days with Rowan.

2. After creating your account book your 30-day coaching calls on the website. The links for the zoom rooms will be in your members account area under bookings. 

3. YOU MUST Join the private Facebook group 30 days with Rowan This is where you will find all the program information and content needed for the program.

4. Your live HIIT classes start on the 4th January 2021 and will be available to book from the 21st December.



1. Four live HIIT workouts a week. 

2. Pre-recorded videos to do in your own time on the private Facebook group.

3. Coaching videos on Facebook explaining all the golden nuggets of information you need to understand in order to lose weight and keep it off.

4. Two hours of live group coaching with Rowan where he will show you how to break those patterns of behaviour that have been holding you back from achieving success. You can ask questions and get the breakthroughs you need.


A weight loss programme for people who struggle to lose weight. If this is your first time trying to lose weight then this programme is not for you. Its has been designed for those who have tried everything to lose weight but are unable to break their patterns of procrastination, excuses and low self-esteem.

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