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What is it?  


A 12-week online transformation package that you can follow from anywhere around the world.  


  • Rowan will help you to identify obstacles and solutions to you achieving your goal.

  • Flexible eating which allows you to eat the foods you like while still losing weight.  All you have to do is stay within the unique calorie and macro levels that we set for you.

  • Train on the go with our Trainergy app which includes video instructions with your workout plan to give you the confidence to train the correct way.

  • We track your nutrition goals, exercise performance and measurements on the app so that we can see how well you're doing and advise you on your progress.

What do I get? 

  • A 40 minute coaching call with Rowan once a week to discuss progress and make adjustments.

  • 1-1 chat direct messaging on the app for any questions you may have and for your trainer to advise you on any changes they feel you may need to make.

  • Upload weekly progress photos on the app so you can see the visual changes as and when they happen.

  • The app will track your fitness targets and record your personal bests enabling you to feel motivated and to keep improving every week.

  • Calorie and macro tracking on the Trainergy app which Integrates fully with My Fitness Pal, FitBit and many other apps.

  • Access to the Whatsaap group where Rowan uploads daily videos and you can interact with other people on the plan.





Am I fit enough for the training?  


Trainergy welcomes everyone and we're on this journey to fit together.  Our plans are tailored to your goals and level of fitness so don't worry about your fitness level.

How does the meal plan work?


We understand that you want to lose weight but not feel like you're on a diet, so that's why we don't expect you to eat chicken, broccoli and brown rice every day.  We formulate an eating pattern that works around your lifestyle and something that you can follow all year round and not put the weight back as soon as you hit your goal and finish your transformation with us.


We help find the best way for you to eat to lose weight and keep it off in the long run. It could be flexible dieting where you eat whatever you like but stay within the calorie and macro limits we set for you. If you don't want to track calories that's fine we can give you healthy recipes to follow and cook for yourself. If you eat out and don't have time to cook or track food will tell you the best places to eat to obtain your trim waist line. Whatever you need we will find a solution that fits within your lifestyle and gets you results. As we work with clients all around the world we can include healthy Indian, Mediterranean, or Oriental meal options if you have a preference for these cuisines.  


I'm a veggie, will it work for me?


Yes, our nutrition plans are tailored to suit your dietary preferences and include gluten free, dairy free meals.

How much does it cost?

It costs £600 for 12 weeks.  

How long does it last?


12 weeks of coaching.

Sounds amazing, how do I start? 

Just click the button below and start your journey to the new YOU!

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