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What is it?  


A 12-week online transformation package that you can follow from anywhere in the world.  We offer you a full bespoke Indian-inspired nutrition plan, a training plan, a dedicated WhatsApp group to help you on your journey.  You track your measurements, your body fat percentage, weight and muscle mass each week and we change your nutrition and training according to your results.

Am I fit enough for the training?  


Team Rowan welcomes everyone and we're on this journey to fit together.  Our plans are tailored to your goals and level of fitness so don't worry about your fitness level.

How does the meal plan work?


We understand that we have to adapt our nutrition plans to our Indian audience, that's why we don't expect you to eat chicken, broccoli and brown rice every day.  We give you Indian meal options that work with your lifestyle.  We give you daily breakdown of 3 meals and 2 snacks to have each day with Indian-inspired recipes according to your preferences.  For example, we can include healthy Indian, Mediterranean, or Oriental meal options if you have a preference for these cuisines.  


I'm a veggie, will it work for me?


Yes, our nutrition plans are tailored to suit your dietary preferences and include gluten free, dairy free meals.

How much does it cost?

We have an offer for our followers on Instagram and Facebook, it costs £220 for 12 weeks.  Follow us on Instagram @team.rowan or Facebook @weareteamrowan to be eligible.  

How long does it last?


12 weeks of nutrition and training. 

Sounds amazing, how do I start? 

It's easy, simply complete the form below.  Spaces are limited and will be given on a first come first served basis. 


















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